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Water Containment

♦ Water storage tanks/ponds/reservoirs
♦ Canals
♦ Agricultural ponds
♦ Lagoons and pits
♦ Golf Course Ponds
♦ Fire water ponds
♦ Stormwater management
♦ Decorative ponds
♦ Floating Covers
♦ Retention ponds
♦ Evaporation ponds for salt recovery
♦ Recreational ponds
♦ Waterscape and architectural ponds
♦ Ditches

Rivers and Dams

Waterproofing is just the start when considering water related applications of geomembrane. River or dam management applications of Shahzada Industries geomembrane, manufactured in Pakistan are also commonly used for:

♦ Algae ponds
♦ Silt curtains for use in mining operations
♦ Brine ponds
♦ Containment booms for many purposes
♦ Within cofferdams for seepage controls
♦ Temporary cofferdam
♦ Waterproof facing for dams
♦ Raw Water Treatment Reservoirs
♦ Portable water reservoir


Most canal walls are made of the traditional concrete, clay or soil but usually over a short period of time, cracks begin to form along the walls, allowing water to seep through and empirical data shows that as much as 50% of irrigation water is lost due to such seepage. The solution to such loss is the professional  use geomembrane liner.

Water Management

Drought conditions have a history throughout our country of Pakistan. Retention of stormwater, for use in irrigation and drinking water, can help utilize water without loss to seepage. A similar application, stormwater detention, involves the establishment of a dry pond to also control flooding.