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In stabilization application, geotextile is laid on a compressible material, usually soft and damp. This consolidates the bottom layer, which strengthens the bottom layer and allowing it to bear more load thus increasing reliability of the construction. Geotextiles also help in reinforcing loose and/or aging soil underneath roads, railways, and airfields.

Steep slopes:

♦ Application of geotextiles allows construction of steeper slopes since it also stabilizes and controls erosion.

Retaining walls:

♦ Application of geotextile stops horizontal migration of large particles and allow faster drainage.

Erosion control:

♦ Firm up soil surfaces.
♦ Prevents eroding effects of wind and rain
♦ Stabilization Under Pavers

Hydraulic fill land reclamation

♦ Avoid piping of hydraulic fill.

Embankments on compressible soil

♦ Prevents contamination of filter layer by subsoil.
♦ Allows uniform displacement and settlement .