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Shahzada Industries was the first company to introduce geosynthetics in Pakistan. We defined the usage and proper application of geomembranes in Pakistan. Shahzada Industries began operations in 1996 upon recognizing a need for impermeable geomembrane liner which was durable and reliable for controlling fluid migration in man-made projects across many different market sectors. Being the innovator and pioneer in manufacturing and installing geomembrane liners, Shahzada Industries has become Pakistan’s most trusted name as manufacturer and installer of  geomembranes and geotextiles. For over 25 years, as the industry leader with a highly maintained reputation, having served some of the largest corporations and the government of Pakistan, we have successfully provided solutions for some of the largest projects even done in Pakistan.

Shahzada Industries offers a wide variety of geomembranes and other liners in various key types and thicknesses to ensure that we provide Pakistan with the best available products and solutions, in accordance to each customer’s unique requirements. Our liners are used for projects across many different market sectors and can be made to the customer’s specific needs of thickness, special purpose retardants, and other additives, because we do not just provide products and services, we provide complete solutions. We great pride in manufacturing geomembrane liner with state of the art equipment and machinery enhancing the overall quality of the geomembrane liner with the utmost consistency, precision, and minimal variation. Every liner delivered from our factory goes through rigorous quality control checks placed at key points in the manufacturing process in order to ensure project and application success.

At Shahzada Industries, we enjoy innovation and we strive for excellence. Our rapid reinvestment in R&D of geosynthetics has yielded significant results in form of breakthroughs over the past few years. With more resources available our team of dedicated, experienced, and well qualified plastic and materials engineers believe that the future of geosynthetics like Geomembrane, Geotextile, Geogrid, Geonet, Geocomposites, and Geoweb in Pakistan is bright.


Shahzada Industries ultimate goal has always been to achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction through quality geomembrane liner, a collaborative team, and solutions that serve our customers in the best way possible. Our business ethics align greatly with our company’s core values and motto “Customer Satisfaction is Priority and Exceptional Quality is a Must.”

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