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Letter From CEO

Thank you for choosing Shahzada Industries, Pakistan’s Home of Geosynthetic Solutions.

I welcome you to our website where you can find answers to all of your questions, whether they are about our company, our people, our mission or the extensive resources we offer to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and accommodate all of your liner needs and requirements. As Pakistan’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Geomembrane liner, we understand what you need and we are capable of providing exactly what you need along with engineering support to enhance the results of your project .

Since 1996, when I founded Shahzada Industries,. I have held paramount my belief in making customer satisfaction a priority, lowest price a guarantee, and exceptional quality an absolute must. At Shahzada Industries. we are in business for the long run and greatly value healthy relationships with all of our clients, regardless of the size. Our success as a company is a direct result of our good faith business practices, our commitment to each client, our exceptional quality products and services, and the fact that we actually care about you and your project. We have provided our clients with a one of a kind experience in a friendly environment where business meets mutual respect, care, and transparency. I personally make sure that we deliver high quality products and installation for every project at every site across Pakistan.

Our internal mission since day one has been to foster employee interpersonal growth as productive and vital part of the company in a safe and friendly environment where collaboration and teamwork is the bonding agent. Our people are the most important asset and I always listen to what they have to say because they are brilliant minded people and we at Shahzada Industries are a team. When an employee leaves my office knowing they work for a company who genuinely cares for them while a client leaves my office satisfied that their project is in great hands, is the best part about my job as the CEO of Shahzada Group of Industries.

Mian S. Ali

CEO & Founder