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Geomembrane liner, manufactured by Shahzada Industries in Pakistan, can prevent hazardous liquids from polluting soil and groundwater . It also provides an enclosure to reinforce storage systems, holding materials that are acidic, toxic, flammable, reactive, combustible or corrosive. Application of Shahzada Industries’s geomembrane is crucial for all of the various types of waste containment landfills due to the product’s superior impermeability, extensibility, puncture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance for contact with leachate.Our geosynthetics provides the outstanding robustness needed withstand treatment during installation and enhanced serviceability.

♦ C & D Landfills
♦ Solid Waste
♦ Hazardous Waste
♦ Oil field containment
♦ Mining containment
♦ Drilling site pad liners
♦ Water cooling
♦ Heap leach pads for fracturing
♦ Storage/removal of radioactive and hazardous waste and wastewater.
♦ Lining primary, secondary and tertiary solid-waste landfills
♦ Alternative daily coverings instead of daily soil coveringPrimary Containment
♦ Secondary Containment
♦ Caps / Closures

Lagoons and Pits

Lagoon and pit liners are commonly used to control wastewater seepage, preventing contamination of soil and drinking water. Since lagoons and pits are both used to hold waste, seepage prevention is extremely important. Floating covers can also be used to prevent intrusion of pollution (including hazardous vapor) and to collect biogas. Some common lagoon and pitliner applications include:

♦ Animal waste containment
♦ Aerobic and anaerobic manure digesters
♦ Floating covers for pollution prevention
♦ Floating covers for biogas collection
♦ Salt disposal pits
♦ Oil and gas fracturing pits
♦ Fire retention ponds