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The use of Shahzada Industries’s Geomembrane liner for Agricultural applications in huge and overlaps into other sections, including lagoons, irrigation ponds and canals. Our Geomembranes contain no harmful chemicals thus allowing safe containment of water. These applications do not that just stop at containment issues, but rather go far beyond while some of the most common agricultural applications include:


♦ Holding potable water
♦ Waste treatment for aquatic farming
♦ Fish ponds
♦ Shrimp farming
♦ Irrigation ponds/canals
♦ Hatchery ponds
♦ Hydroponics – lining beds to prevent nutrient and water loss
♦ Greenhouse covers
♦ Haystack covers
♦ Tank and cistern liners, for water as well as fuel, primary and secondary containment
♦ Protection of livestock and farm equipment from sun and weather
♦ Secondary containment for above ground